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VIDEO: Kelly Goes One-on-One with Dinesh D’Souza

March 14, 2016 By :

EXCLUSIVE FULL EPISODE: One-On-One with Dinesh D’Souza from William Kelly on Vimeo.

William J. Kelly talks with 2016 filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza for America’s Instant Townhall

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Dick Morris teams up with William Kelly’s

March 5, 2016 By :

Chicago, IL  – Dick Morris is teaming up with (FCN) for a national ad campaign to combat attacks on America’s capitalist system.

A national advertising roll out is beginning to hit this week.

The former White House advisor and FOX News contributor released a special video message about the campaign Monday. “This site [] is being launched by some friends of mine in Chicago who are really posing the central question, which is, will our future be socialism or capitalism? That really is the question that is dominating the political season and American thinking.”

Mitt Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as his running mate Saturday has further transformed the presidential election into a referendum on the role and responsibility of government.

William Kelly, who founded, agrees that the country is now at an “economic turning point.”

“In recent years, detractors have been very effective in tarnishing capitalism’s image. But capitalism isn’t the problem, it’s the solution,” says Kelly. “We have to rebuild a respect for success in this country and worldwide. We cannot punish people who aspire to wealth and achieve it.”

Kelly says FCN’s initial ads have a pop culture influence and target younger Americans who “have been taught to believe capitalism is wrong.”

The FCN ads pay tribute to iconic ad campaigns by successful Fortune 500 companies, including the Calvin Klein-Brooke Shields ads and Heineken-owned Dos Equis. New ad spots will be released every week through November 2012.

“A new marketing campaign for capitalism is long overdue,” says Kelly. “ is going to give it one.”

For more information, visit

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February 9, 2016 By :
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VIDEO: Rags-to-Riches Billionaire Peterffy Goes on Anti-Socialist Crusade

October 12, 2014 By :

A brave Hungarian-born self-made billionaire is taking on socialism head-on. Go Thomas Peterffy, go!

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October 4, 2012 By :

Chicago, Illinois, October 4, 2012 – To celebrate this week’s worldwide premiere,” is launching a video tribute to the highly anticipated film, “Atlas Shrugged II.”  The PSA ad spot features famous quotes from Ayn Rand’s best-selling novel. Chairman William J. Kelly says he welcomes video responses to the tribute with Ayn Rand fans using their own favorite quotes from the novel, ‘Atlas Shrugged.’

Video responses with the most comments and views will be posted on To be considered, all video responses must end with the site’s catch phrase, “ Before it’s too late.”

Read more about advertising campaign to save capitalism.

See the “Most Capitalist Man in the World” TV ad spot

See the Brooke Shields-inspired TV ad spot 

See Dick Morris speak about

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FCN Launches the “Most Capitalist Man in the World” Ad Spot

August 20, 2012 By :

The Political Left has been waging a war against America’s capitalist system. Generations of Americans – especially those under 30 –  have been taught to hate capitalism.

The Left has put America’s very future AT RISK.  

In response to the attacks on capitalism, is raising funds to run our pop culture-inspired TV ad spots on networks like MSNBC, FOX, NBC, CNN, and other popular cable and TV networks.  Imagine how the media will react to a pro-capitalist message running opposite their misleading attacks!

See Dick Morris discuss our campaign!

About the Most Capitalist Man in the World TV ads 

America loves success stories – they give us the inspiration to dream and achieve.   Our “The Most Capitalist Man in the World” TV ads pay tribute to a great capitalist success story – the iconic beer brand, Dos Equis, and its funny, inventive ads.

More TV ads will be launched weekly. Every ad is different. See TV spots here. 

FCN launches this week’s new ad: Meet the Most Capitalist Man in the World…Watch all the ad spots. Tweet and share them with your friends.

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