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Pollster Frank Luntz to GOP Delegates: Avoid the word ‘Capitalism’

August 29, 2012 By :

Frank Luntz has done it again and not in a good way. This is the challenge: Capitalism’s detractors win if the word “capitalism” is eliminated from the lexicon. The intellectuals need to explain the difference between crony capitalism and true capitalism. I will say it again, “Crony capitalism is NOT capitalism.”

Jim Galloway from the Atlantic Journal Constitution had this to report from the GOP Convention in Tampa:

We were barred from listening to him speak, but we’re told that GOP pollster Frank Luntz this morning – in a lecture on messaging — urged Georgia delegates to the Republican National Convention to avoid the word “capitalism” in their arguments.

It’s a term that Karl Marx favored, and sounds leftist. When attempting to persuade independents, it’s better to use the phrase “free markets,” he said. We presume that sounds more Adam Smithish.

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