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FCN Launches the “Most Capitalist Man in the World” Ad Spot

August 20, 2012 By :

The Political Left has been waging a war against America’s capitalist system. Generations of Americans – especially those under 30 –  have been taught to hate capitalism.

The Left has put America’s very future AT RISK.  

In response to the attacks on capitalism, is raising funds to run our pop culture-inspired TV ad spots on networks like MSNBC, FOX, NBC, CNN, and other popular cable and TV networks.  Imagine how the media will react to a pro-capitalist message running opposite their misleading attacks!

See Dick Morris discuss our campaign!

About the Most Capitalist Man in the World TV ads 

America loves success stories – they give us the inspiration to dream and achieve.   Our “The Most Capitalist Man in the World” TV ads pay tribute to a great capitalist success story – the iconic beer brand, Dos Equis, and its funny, inventive ads.

More TV ads will be launched weekly. Every ad is different. See TV spots here. 

FCN launches this week’s new ad: Meet the Most Capitalist Man in the World…Watch all the ad spots. Tweet and share them with your friends.

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