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FCN launches “Confucius” TV ad spot to promote capitalism

August 17, 2012 By :

Chicago, IL – announces the release of its new TV ad spot, “Confucius say.”

“The ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius was a passionate believer in the concept of private property, deregulation, and market competition. He even opposed double taxation,” says William Kelly, Chairman of “That Confucius was one smart cookie.”

Kelly says that the Political Left have a lot to learn from this Chinese philosopher from 256 B.C.

“In recent years, detractors have been very effective in tarnishing capitalism’s image,” says William J. Kelly, founder of “We know that capitalism isn’t the problem; a freer capitalism is the solution. But capitalism will not survive without a campaign to save it.”

In response to the current atmosphere of class warfare, has created a positive, inspiring, and pop culture-driven advertising campaign to help educate and create positive awareness about capitalism as an economic philosophy and how it has defined America’s history and rise to greatness.

“A new marketing campaign for capitalism is long overdue,”says Kelly.” is finally going to give it one. We have to rebuild a respect for success in this country and worldwide. We cannot punish people who aspire to wealth and achieve it.  That is what America has always stood for.” recently released its first public service announcements which pay tribute to and recreate the iconic Calvin Klein ads of the 1980s with Brooke Shields.

See’s ad spot, “Me and my capitalism.”

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